Aquarium Maintenance Service Business – Starting and Running

Discussions and learning opportunities for starting and running your own successful aquarium cleaning, maintenance and installation service business.


Launching Oct 23, 22

FishBot Aquarium Service Business Start Up

hosted by Chris Wade

Aquarium Service Business Podcast

Aquarium Service Business Podcast

Practical tips and advice to help you get your aquarium maintenance service business going and growing and/or, help you make your existing fish tank cleaning, maintenance and installation company more successful, sustainable and profitable. Discussions around business strategies, effective marketing tactics, field operations, start-ups and other tips and tricks for owners of aquarium service companies.

We’ll talk about marketing aquarium services, pricing, business development, systems, aquarium systems & equipment (from a maintenance company point of view), growth, opportunity, employees, and anything else to do with running a successful business setting up and caring for aquariums for clients.

There are plenty of other podcasts out there talking about the latest aquarium equipment, techniques, fish, corals & other livestock. On this Aquarium Service Business Podcast, we’re working hard to bring you valuable info about how you can turn your fishkeeping hobby into a business that you love, caring for other people’s aquarium systems and fish tanks. A business that is successful, sustainable, profitable and fulfilling.

Join Chris and his guests as they share their aquarium maintenance industry experiences with you to help you get ahead with your aquarium service business and hopefully avoid costly mistakes.

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